Artifacts in the repository are public and immutable. They can never be changed or manipulated by anyone.

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Independent services and peer-to-peer networks host the repository. There is always a source available.

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The community owns the system. No centralized entity can manipulate it. Only you control your data.

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Software repositories are essential elements of the global software supply chain. Moreover, they are often the central hub for software distribution within their respective ecosystems.

This centralization leaves the repositories and supply chain vulnerable to various threats. Decentralization can mitigate these risks.

As depicted on this site, the decentralized software repository (dRepo) offers software developers and everyday consumers a more secure and reliable system. It is owned and operated by the community and cannot be stopped or manipulated by anyone. In a typical web3 manner, the design is simplistic and extensible, allowing it to integrate well with current and future infrastructure. Its openness and ubiquity change the way applications are built and delivered.